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For several years now there have been questions and curiosity about the presence of Christians in Nepal. Here we are now. We are trying our best to bring out what Christians and their organizations are contributing to the nation. As you know that views of the people in Nepal has never been the positive toward the Good Samaritan spirit and efforts of this minority people group but we are happy where we are now. We have been blamed, underprivileged, ignored and caste away from the privileges, approaches and in responding to our need. Nevertheless, we love our country and people and we are proud to be a Christian because we know what we believe. We do our best to help our neighbor and our brothers and sisters to get the life Jesus always wanted. God bless Nepal.

Message to Christians in Nepal

We, the Christians in Nepal, have glorious history of our father’s tolerance of faith despite anti-Christians activities targeted to them. There have not been any government help in Christians challenges and problems. Their rights and demands have not been heard. Here is what prominent leader have to say about the situations of Nepalese Christians.

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You can have your say. Write your thought about Christians in Nepal. Remember the importance of religious tolerance and we expect that it start from you. Your comments are going to read by thousands of people worldwide. So we want it to be thoughtful. After all, we are going to monitor your comment and if it is some thing that people can appreciate, we will approve it for online view. Use text box below or write to info@christiansinnepal.org

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If you need any information about some particular Organization, Church or Ministry, we will try our best to help you get the answer you are looking for. We are here serving voluntarily and no one have hired us. We want you to explain why you need help or information. All trustworthy query are personally attended. Thanks for your understanding. Use form below or write to info@christiansinnepal.org

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News from International Nepali Christian Communities

Just stick to this site and know what is happening in Nepali Christian communities around the world. We want you to glorify God, appreciate and pray to God for their safety, spiritual growth, their problem and challenge. (more…)